Repeal Day 2008

Tomorrow; December 5th this year of our great lord 2007, will mark the 73rd anniversary of the ratification of the twenty-first amendment, which ended prohibition. My proposal to you is why not make this a more recognized affair? A day to raise our glasses in remembrance of change of dated and repressive policies, to remember what we as CITIZENS are capable of and to look ahead to the future shake downs and flaring ups that this government so desperately needs. People should not fear their governments, governments should fear the people. We are constantly forgetting this, but hopefully we may immortalize that spirit of change that we need so dearly at this time.
Repeal day need not be anything but a simple day to gather with those we love and have a beer, share a bottle of wine, or buy a stranger a shot out at the bar. We have no need for fireworks, parades, or gimmicky figureheads. Just the comrades all together, lamenting a nation that has been transformed in to a plastic wasteland. We'll bring back that rogue spirit that this country was built around. Toast to hard work, sharp minds, loud music, family, slam dancing, love, graffiti, progress, solidarity, and just being alive. We are so distracted by those things that we don't have and how we will get them that we often lose sight of all the beautiful gifts we take for granted every day.
Enough Preaching. This December 5th I'll be enjoying a few of the following beverages:

The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
- A beautifully pure single malt no frills here, The Glenlivet Allows the drinker to enjoy the firm flavors that set single malts apart. Extremely well balanced and clean.

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
- A perfect execution of the winter style ale in my humble opinion. I hate to say it but very few micro-breweries are able to top Sierra Nevadas wide range of solid ales. The Celebration Ale is no exception, featuring a beautiful amber pour, intense aroma, and rich flavor, one might describe the Celebration Ale as an all around BIG ale, robust and intense, a perfect escape from all of the glitz and bullshit that seems to envelope this time of year. Raise a glass of this stuff to the craft and dedication that some Americans still uphold.

Be sure to enjoy your repeal day among friends, bust out the bar bikes, and go out for a great time with close friends. Feel the rush of cold air against your cheeks as you hoot and holler your way down the streets. Because those bastards can't do a thing about it. Be Safe, Have a damn good time.
-Signing Off

Losing It...

There's not one fucking bean of natural caffeinated coffee in this house, I'm losing my mind, but at least I'm alone and I can play my ungodly music at a volume range reaching 600 decibels. It's this music, not any specific band or era, that i can thank or blame for most of the important life choices made up to this juncture. Although it's not really about punk rock or hardcore. It's about whiskey nights and sunrise cruises, too high on adrenaline to feel hung over yet. It's about going to shows and throwing down as if every tour was the last one a band would ever play. Waking up with bruised shoulders, split lips, and sore buccinator muscles because we didn't stop smiling through four bands respective sets. When your front tire bites in and the moment is frozen as momentum whips you through the turn. As fucked up as shit seems to be right now, I've still got that feeling, I still have a passion that those fuckers can't strip me of, beat me and jail me as they please.
Signing Off

For Fun:

Skid Patch Calculator- Hot Damn

A freeware Mac Dashboard download for those in the star tattoo, fancy jean crowd, who just can't figure out what purple anodized Sugino ring to order to allow for maximum tire life and even wear. Apple has us just where they want us don't they? And I'm giving the final word, owning a Mac no longer distinguishes a person as it once did, owning a mac is now officially cool. Which makes it totally and completely uncool for sauve, attractive, fashionable folks like yourselves, which probably means this old news. What the fuck do I know. In conclusion- Skid Patch Calculator for your Dashboard= free= Word is Born, Motherfuckers.

Blood, Scars, and Hangovers

It's about all thats on my mind every November 1st; goddamn, Halloween is such a kick-ass holiday. This year my bloody wounds don't even have a good story, after numerous tall-boys of PBR I wrecked on my way back home, about 20 feet from the front door of my building, it was rad. Scraped up those clean-ass Nitto bars and both my elbows, I'm really quite astounded that I made it though the alley-cat I raced in without killing myself, hauling ass on these mountain streets in the sort of stupor that usually leads one towards activities of the felonious type: trick or treat motherfucker. The after race party was loud and rowdy, just like it should have been, stretching across two apartments and spilling out into the connecting hallways, all guests with the aforementioned tall-boys in hand, either that or one of those fucking lethal "irish trashcan" drinks getting ripped to the tits on the caffeine and liquor, fucking degenerates. God only knows how many of those things i poured down my throat, all i know is that i was feeling it this morning. Feliz Dia de los Muertos.
-signing off.

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Fuck You! - somebody brick this guys house.
Lance is putting in work
Update from the Front

Calvin and Hobbes

Currently Listening: Cage- Movies For The Blind

Panasonic Keirin NJS

Having recently pilfered a friends Olympus point-and-shoot while he was doing something he thought to be more important than guarding his possessions, sucker. Ran back to my place put on The Ramones for the first time in years, and got down with a vengance. Me and the Panasonic gettin' real hot and heavy for a disturbingly long photo shoot; every detail covered down to my shaking hands, harsh florescent lighting, cheap digital image-mapping, a complete lack of natural talent or trained ability, nor the self-respect to give a damn about any of this. The Death Machine: Installment Number One of One.
Late Edit: Jesus I feel like I just came down from a serious bender: the nights a blur and it appears I've whored out my bike to every bike-gallery known to man, I wonder what could have caused that strange impulse?

Pink Bikes are for Fairies
1997 Panasonic Keirin NJS Frame 565mm
Dura Ace High Flange 32h hubs laced to Mavic Open Pro's-Michelin Pro Race 2's
Nitto 100mm NJS stem- Nitto 125b Bar- Soyo Long Grips
Nitto Jaguar 27.0 Post- Selle Italia Turbo Saddle
Dura-Ace 7710 Crank, BB, and 47t Chainring, Dura-Ace Cog and Lockring, ACS BMX chain.

Pad Detail- for those nights I need to roll "full style" or in hopes the BikeSnobNYC might fuck with me, I'm waiting for you motherfucker. To my defense, those are my stitches, not some pre-fab. hipster gear, no I can look like enough of an asshole without ANY help.

The Climate Crisis, and All The Rad Shit That You Missed While You Were Whining About It.

If you don't live in a fucking hole; or if you have at least surfaced from your respective hole recently, you probably are most likely well-aware that half of California is on fire, New Orleans is flooding again, and tornadoes are touching down in Arkansas. From where I stand, shit appears to be REALLY BAD, am I the only one under this impression? Really, WAKE THE FUCK UP! In conclusion: matters seem to be taking a serious turn for the worse, I couldn't care less if you believe in the global warming theories or if you still are trying to justify driving that Tahoe to your office alone everyday by explaining the natural climate shifts as demonstrated in multiple instances throughout history etc etc etc. Whatever, but you can't deny the fact that things aren't exactly peachy, and those are just a handful of examples any jackass who knows how to use the remote to his Toshiba 24" is plainly aware of. from within the borders of our glorious homeland. For all intensive purposes lets boil it down to this: I can certainly think of several thousand other things more awesome than fires, floods, tornadoes, and listening to people whining about them on C-SPAN.
The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza- this video is a portrait of my youth, for those that know me, it will probably account for many of your unanswered questions.

I remember seeing a clip of these guys after the final credits of an old Little Devil BMX video; probably at some point during my middle school days, when I thought I was hard because I listened to Slayer, my eyes were open WIDE to a whole new world of fun: HARDCORE.

Continuing with the kick-assedness:
One of the headlining riders in said BMX video was Matt Beringer. In 1998, Beringer was certainly considered a veteran. Today, 10 years after that film was shot, he's still rocking a crazy almost sketchy style, He remains as the guy who will think of something absolutely outlandish, then ride his bike off of it. This is actually his home. I couldn't help but notice how that "shoot line" is so reminiscent of the 1984 rad-to-the-core skate film: The Bones Brigade III: The Search for Animal Chin. Go buy it, like I said: rad-to-the-core, and that is not a phrase i go around using all jocular and willy-nilly, my friend. Not to mention it features Tony Hawk back when he was still singin' falsetto.

That guy is absolutely ridiculous.

I Think I need some more coffee, then the real fun will start. Have a good Wednesday kids.

Gorgeous Ride- Pedal Mafia Gem

I was bumbling along that inter-web contraption when I discovered this pearl among a sea of surly, whored-out looking track bikes. After all, not every "hot whip" in Williamsburg has a sterling-silver head badge. An attention to detail demonstrated in this build up that is a tell tale indicator of neurosis; nevertheless, this is the first track bike I have seen in months that actually commands respect instead of flaunting itself as some sort of two wheeled prostitute.
This beauty was hidden amidst a degenerate army of hideous track bikes, a diamond in the rough, if you will. Props to whoever bank-rolled this great undertaking, and if you want my opinion: the zebra striped Deep-V isn't necessary, keep it simple stupid, gorgeous bike. I'm jealous.

Download Link:
Music- Lucero- Rogues, Rebels, and Sworn Brothers
Seeing these guys on Monday back in the home town: Chapel Hill, with Avail. Should be an interesting crowd dynamic, good times in store, thats for sure. BUY IT!


Cyclocross has to be the single most miserable event that a collegiate racer can participate in. And just like those poor bastards; we are knee-deep into the season at this point. Being far too poor to afford any kind of bike that would be suitable for the 'Cross season I will be forced to sit this one out, so sad. Don't bother with your sympathies because I am free to have the most fun out of all those motherfuckers! I am free as a bird to heckle and jeer to my hearts content. To my disbelief, no one really knew what heckling was on my back to back championship cycling team! "How the fuck did you do so well so far?!" I exclaimed as i jumped back, horrified with this new realization, that my fellow teammates were absolutely NO FUN. However; not all hope is lost, one buddy has a recently cast-liberated broken wrist, not yet in a condition for riding, and a few other poor S.O.B.'s that dont own a bike that will suffice for competitive cyclocross. I only hope that I may show these kids the joy of heckling as it was presented to be by the great minds at "Dirt Rag" and "How to Avoid the Bummer Life": the unbridled contempt shown for those bastards who were stupid enough to subject themselves to a torturous 'cross race in the first place.

I explained to my poor comrade all the joys that lay within making the miserable, that much more miserable. The zen of being wasted-drunk, shouting obscenities into the ear of anyone who happens to pass by, either friend or foe, cow-bells reverberating in their skulls for laps to follow. Thats right fella's we'll spit on every sorry motherfucker that passes by us, and have a grand ol' time. I cant wait man, I only hope the kids who I convinced to ride out to the next few races to heckle enjoy this experience in the same way that I did when I was first shown the glory in spraying Pabst Blue Ribbon all over the break-away pack. I guess we'll see.

Calvin and Hobbes

-Me too Calvin, Me too.

I'm losing my mind,
"When the Going gets weird, the weird turn pro" -- I can only hope this is true, its obvious that I have no future in the "real" world I gotta go pro baby, sign me up for the draft. 'cause right now im fucking floundering.

Link Dump:
This Gap Sweater is Fucking Awesome- good god, I swear I know this guy.
Lance on Landis- Am I the only one who no longer cares?
RASH- (video) just good clean fun.

Music Link, because I've been slacking:

Oingo Boingo: Anthology
yes thats right, all of it. No more whining.

Calvin and Hobbes

Studying, reading, being a punk, fuck school.

October Nights: Fun in the Dark.

The weather is cooling off, scarily slow, but we'll try not to let that steal our fun. We bike-riders seem to get the urge to go out and ride at night when it gets dark early and is the coldest time of the year, go figure. I know its time for me to dust off the NiteRider lights for my mountain bike and hope they still hold a charge. Not to mention strap on the sweet miniature top tube pad that should be shipped to me shortly from Yanco Pads Its pretty silly but I would rather not tarnish the neon-pink top tube of my Panasonic Keirin frame with those steel bars while im out sprinting drunkenly down the icy streets on these mountain nights. This of course will all be in the name of Alley Cat Racing! I love alley-cats, and if that makes me a poser because I'm no paid messenger; then fuck it, call me what you will. I'm just looking forward to fun.
Alley Cats of Note:
For all you real hip kids get out to the final installment of the 5-boro Generals NYC Race series, probably the most exciting of the five races the Battle For Brooklyn, in you guessed it folks: Brick-Town, NYC. Last time I checked registration is still open although you won't beable to race for the series victory, of course. Get to NY and match yourself up against the best in the country, should be a rockin' time.

In the North Carolina corner we have Hallowheels on October 27 this should be a fun race put on by some cool guys; without fail, this one should be a devil of a time. In our fine states capital of Raleigh. Holla if you see me rollin' with my crew (You Will spot us rollin deep on the ill scraper bikes)

Finally; If you want to spend the eve of the day of the dead racing pro level roadies who take this sort of thing way too seriously and then party hard to the point of illness for the rest of the evening, then come out to beautiful Boone, NC for the (not officially related, this must be stressed) Appalachain State Halloween Alley cat. Bring a $5 entry free to race and line-up alongside drunken members of the back-to-back Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Cycling team, not mention drunker, dirtier, and slower people like myself. I'll have the messenger bag full of micro-brews, and you will be able to trace my route by the trail of destruction, fire, and mangled carcases of boat shoe clad fraternity brothers.
No flyers for this one, this shit is under the radar.
Be sure to stock up on illicit substances and firearms for said events, because after all people; If a thing is worth doing, then god dammit! It's worth doing right!

Fall Break

I'll try to keep up over the break, but heres a couple albums:
Cilvaringz- I(1) one of the most recent additions to the Wu-Tang; great album, a little heavy, but really good, nevertheless. What most hip-hop releases lack, Cilvaringz has it.

Punk Fucking Rock: Zegota 7" Zegota is amazing, a few guys from Greensboro (keeping with the local theme today) this only a 7" vinyl release (2 songs) A.F.S. (Anarchist Fight Song) has to make you want to tear it all down, or else you probably don't have a pulse.

Once again you will need unarchiving software (downloaded safely and easily for free) and PLEASE support these artists. Without our support, we have no scene, no music, no movement. Go down to your locally owned record store and pick something up, be a good guy/gal.
Rock On People.

NC Scene: Tributes and Updates

Well its been years now since they closed the 401 trails, it's amazing to think that they really are completely gone, without a trace, I guess they are a parking lot now as far as I know. It's sad to think both Chris Doyle and the trails that defined his style, NC misses you bud, the world has never seen a turn-down executed with such power and grace as the huge airs over the big line at the trails. Chris Doyle is really a riding hero of mine, not to mention a really great guy, always down to earth, and always exuded a passion and energy that made everyone want to ride like it was the last session of their lives. There was never any hint of superiority with Doyle, at the park or the trails- he just made you want to ride like hell.-Hope to see you around the spots in the future man. An old clip from 2001: Intuition

I have never been able to voice what I find so fascinating about Chris's style, the closest thing I can think of for now is that it's "gimmick free" it's the tried and true formula: Talent+Passion+Vision+Applied Physics= Doyle's explosive airs and graceful style.
A much more recent clip, shot at a small park in Pittsburg, Doyle's new home. A really a great sample of his incredible talent, fluidness, and speed, yet technical and demonstrating an incredibly creative way of linking tricks.
Note: the unmistakable turn-down at about 00:42seconds in.

In the grass-roots movement, props to my man Peter Mill's a dear friend and incredible rider, this kid brings so much energy on the daily, while the rest of us are nursing a hang over, Peter is out on the bike, getting one day closer to landing tail-whips to the pedals. I've watched this guy progress so much over the years and he has provided a great deal of inspiration. Peter has been throwing down steadily in competitions and has built a daunting jump line behind the Industry Nine head quarters that it seems everyone else is too intimidated to hit. Peter recently withdrew his sponsorship with the Nemesis Project Team and is riding self-supported currently and kicking ass, how's that for keeping it real? I promise to get a real clip of his riding up soon, this in no way does the kid justice and I know he's going to be pissed this is the clip representing him, oh well.

I have to give big up's to the skaters back home, you kids are killin' it. Peace to: Greg and Futch from the special needs crew at school(thug life), Ricky from Glenwood Elementary school, and Ricky M. from little league baseball, haha.

Carolina BMX
Snakehawk's Blog -Brand spankin' new, --looks promising
Endless Bike Co. -Asheville's own, no frames right now, but some top quality single speed components
Flipside crew throwing down on NC street- I can't believe these are the same spots I used to ride.
Negative Source Kids - NC's own

Calvin and Hobbes

I'm Trying to study for my economics exam. These economic history classes are incredibly depressing, from the crusades to colonization: it's ALWAYS FUN learning history according to the statues set by the bourgeoisie that comprises our most esteemed academic community.
My thoughts for the evening and subject matter, expressed in "haiku" *chuckles*

Many sites I surf,
White folks will go straight to hell.
I need a stiff drink

Currently Listening: Choking Victim- No Gods, No Managers
Assigned Reading: Collapse- by: Jared Diamond (not part of my required econ. class texts)

Groing up Gonzo.

Hunter S. Thompson blew my mind, not because I thought drug references were "totally trippy" but because when I read his work, it consumed me, swept me up from the paperback pages in to a world of Gonzo; where reality was no longer a constant, everything was to be questioned, analyzed, and dissected, only to discover that there is no answer, only the burnt remains of what might have been one. The estranged, twisted, and passionate lenses that I view the world through are a product of Bad Brains, Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Waterson's Calvin and Hobbes, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. I flip through Rolling Stone's exclusive preview of the book: Growing Up Gonzo: Excerpts Form the Oral History Of Hunter S. Thompson; and I am drawn back to a jumbled pile of books, some tattered from traveling others left without a single page turned, I find the first few of Hunter's books I spot and start to read back. I find certain pages violently underlined, notes crammed angrily into tiny margins, my unprocessed blue scrawl across the page seems so desperate juxtaposed with the tight aerial font text. What exactly was going on I wonder? But as I read starting with a paragraph, it all comes rushing back with the force of a freight train and the unstoppable, disorienting, yet painfully sharp intensity of a long line of crank. But what created this both terrifying and beautiful creature? Hopefully this new book will give some insight in to both "Raul Duke" and Thompson himself, we'll see.


Sorry People, I know I fell off there this past weekend; I was back home for a couple days to see some good people and have a good time. I'm told it was awesome!? Lot's of drinking got done, Got to take it easy away from serious rides and work (chuckles.)
Did you know they make clear (rather, Klear) Blunt wraps? Well just discovered them at a friends recommendation, and they are pretty nifty/disturbingly mysterious. Ask your local tobacco shop for: Kingpin Klear Blunts They seem really questionable when you first feel and see them, but they roll up quite nicely and smoke extremely clean in comparison to a normal blunt.
Now its time to get back to work, lets see how the "Blueberry-Bomb Klear Wraps" treat me on tonights group ride.
-Derisory Velo.

Calvin and Hobbes

Can't Sleep: Late night C&H posted for you when you wake.

Good Shit:
Aesop Rock- None Shall Pass (released august 28)
Send Space Link

Album Review- Riverboat Gamblers: To The Confusion of Our Enemies

Riverboat Gambler's full length album hit stores on August 20 after painfully long delays. The band originally formed in 1997 in Denton, Texas; "To The Confusion of Our Enemies" through Volcom Entertainment Labelis the Gambler's forth full-length release. I saw the Gamblers when they opened for Against Me! sometime during the fall of 2006, the Texans brought an aggressive, no holds barred, truly punk-fucking-rock attitude that was so refreshing to experience in a music scene rife with timidity and an infuriating helplessness. The Riverboat Gamblers hold one firm first thrown bravely to the sky, the other hand gesticulating a passionate "FUCK YOU!"
"To The Confusion of Our Enemies;" a 14 track LP, kicks down the door and bursts through with one of the best introductory tracks I have heard in awhile titled "True Crime." The album is full of passionate anthem-like tracks that will inspire, lift up, anger, and most of all make the listener want to jump, move, throw-the-fuck-down! Don't let the hard edged and upbeat tracks that I very hesitantly compare to a "Party Rock" sound that other reviews of this album have compared to an Andrew W.K.-like feeling; this is not all just mindless rocking, the Gamblers have a very defined social and political stance that comes through without weighing down the music itself.
"To The Confusion of Our Enemies" is truly a rocking album; I want to stress the fact that the ALBUM is great as a whole, no real filler tracks here. Something i feel has really lost its value since advent of napster-like downloading where listeners download single tracks at one time. Highlights of the album for me included: True Crime, Don't Bury...I'm Not Dead, Rent Is Due, The Curse of The Ivory Coast and Uh-Oh
Check These guys out 8.5 out of 10
Recent Edit: Because I like you so much (the people who take your valuable time to read this) I have provided a link to download the album as a zip. file. you will need un-archiving software (can be downloaded free) to extract the file, the album should download extremely fast with a decent connection. I will say, if you enjoy the album; please, please, please take a small amount of your time and hard earned money to go down to your locally-owned record store and purchase this album, bands like this need your support!
Send Space Link:
Riverboat Gamblers- To The Confusion of Our Enemies

Vinnie Sammon: Dans Comp Cover

Big up's to Vinnie Sammon- A hard mother-fucker from New Jersey, for years I have admired his intense, and super raw, brakeless-thrash style, that always made me think of old Ice Cube and the Gorilla Biscuits. Ill crooked grind for the cover of "Wal-Mart BMX." Vinnie's just putting in work. Props.

To Fill your hood quota for the day:
Zoo York BMX team (2006) -Video
Fly Kicks- Notepad out and ready
Anson Wellington on Hatin' -this kid is dope on a bike
The Street Spot Blog- these kids keep me in the know

Calvin and Hobbes

Its October; once it starts getting dark early, It will be alley cat season! I'm pretty stoked for those drunken glorious pursuits through traffic in the frigid cold. It's really hard to explain why we ride those silly two wheeled things when we could be watching cable isnt it? ah well...
I Finished building up my Panasonic Keirin Frame today with most of the parts and some crap to fill the voids in my build untill the fly parts I spent way too much money on, are delievered to my shop. Its a fun ride; although, those Nitto handle bars whipping around and locking a new frame up to street signs really makes one consider a top tube pad. I guess I've finally sold out. Pictures of the bike should be up before too long, I know you are all on the edge of you seats in anticipation.
Out on the whip, peace.
-Derisory Velo

Currently Listening: Minor Threat: Complete Discography (straight-edge owns)

Oh Snap: Richmond Hood Co.

Redman and crew's new boutique in Staten Island, NY. -"It's fiyaaa"-Red

Opening Day Video

"Where flavor is served daily... Richmond Hood Company is a boutique dedicated to the
celebration of NYC action sport lifestyles & culture (i.e. NY Skate, NY BMX, NY Mountain Bike, NY Snowboarding, NY Hip-Hop, and NY Arts). Richmond Hood Company carriesvery limited edition lines from major footwear and apparel giants includingNike, Vans and DC Shoes; classic brands Shut, 5 Boro, and Zoo York; and popular independent brands such as Fillmore, Spitfire, Independent, Venture, Thunder, Animal, Bulldog."

Representing the WU, word up.

Currently Listening: Black Out!(1999) by: Method Man and Redman

Interbike 2007: new shit.

Some stuff that caught my eye, I'll spare you most of the shit that made me want to burn all of my bikes; and believe me, there's plenty of it.

From FBM BMX in New York, one of a couple BMX companies to release a fixed gear complete or frameset this year. FBM is known in the BMX world for consistently making reliable bad-ass frames free of any annoying gimmicky fanfare; just 4130 tubing, precise welding, and a tried and true approach to frame design that gets the job done right. Note the purple profile racing track hubs.

Head badge:

Animal BMX Clothing from NYC was putting out fly threads long before any of the fixed gear boutiques. A snapshot from a their new collection:

The 29" wheel mountain bike is here to stay folks, a myriad of companies have released new 29" products for the 2008 model year.
Niner Bikes a newer company really pushing the concept of big wheels are better offers a range of 29" frames from California. Their booth at the convention center attracted a lot of press with 3 new frame designs. Niner unveiled their first titanium hardtail which looks super clean, should be available with an eccentric bottom bracket with or without a derailleur hanger.

The "WFO" a 6" rear travel frame featuring super short chainstays, an over sized 1.5" headtube, and additional cable routing for the new telescoping seat posts such as the new Maverick Speedball post.

Wave of the future from a Spot Brand SS collaboration. The introduction of "Carbon Drive" a super light belt drive system that has the potential to revolutionize the bicycle drive train, Now someone only needs to design an internally geared hub that does not require a serious financing plan.

I bet Felt will make bank on this one; it's pre-fabricated cool in a box. Just mail-order one, take it to your local bike mechanic to have them assemble it, be sure to ask if they will honor Performance Bike's policy for free build up at retail store for bikes purchased online (mechanics love this.) Slap a couple stickers on it; maybe a MASH SF one, I hear thats all you need to be considered a part of the crew. Now just get out your i-phone to take down all the numbers from your new friends!

More Later, One.
-Derisory Velo

Calvin and Hobbes

Buildings Pass me by
like sands through the hourglass
I need a beer

-Words from Big Johnny at Drunk Cyclist.

Mash SF: Film Intro Released

Say what you want about these guys; I know you aren't too crazy about their top tube pads, but it's kids like this who are really pushing the envelope that make me want to get out and ride, hard. Big ups to Gabe Morford and Mike Martin for great camera work and editing. The Mash SF has brought something new to the table, like no one has seen before. The initial release of their a 1minute, 29second trailer earlier this year has spawned a nation-wide movement. Respect.

they just launched a new site:
Check out the phil hubs

Fuck Yeah

Rock on.

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23 Pabst Blue Ribbons, one left. 5:17am

Hope is fleeting:

The only question is, how did Bikesnob miss this:
No explanation here folks; this one's up to you, and you alone. Note: Toolbox Bottle, and unassuming non-aerspoke front wheel in preparation to avoid prying eyes and insure survival through pirate attacks and even having to fix one's own bike on the road in the harsh post-apocalypse wasteland.

2008: Year of The Rat

However ridiculous this may seem, big up's to Kona for this one: The Ute(2008)

You may have been privileged enough to have seen this already due to a top-secret leak from Kona Bike Co.'s stoner employees in British Columbia. Kona has finally released what we all have been looking for: the answer to all of the world's environmental problems, finally an easy, practical alternative to the automobile (the only problem is you have to pedal.) The Ute comes factory direct complete with an extended wheelbase and lower gear ratio to keep you spinning on those double-wide commutes! The Ute quite obviously borrows from the Xtracycle, which revolutionized load-baring technology with their Xtracycle hitches bicycle hitchless trailer. The Xtracyle was originally developed as a self-proclaimed "Sport Utility Bike" (S.U.B.) Xtracyle; a company that gained its footing offering a retrofit rack system that bolts directly into a bikes existing dropouts to create stable load-baring rack platform, eventually growing to offer accessory add-ons to the system including but not limited to; surfboard racks, a luxurious passenger carrying system, and, even complete bikes from with frame choices from Breezer, Sun, Marin, and Electra sold factory-direct fitted with the Xtracycle sport utility racks! Xtracycle, however goofy looking their products may be has the right idea, and more power to them!
Kona's Ute complete Sport Utility Bike comes complete as a one size fits most frame with 26" wheels for $799 rear high capacity pannier rack, full fender set, disc brakes, and ultra low gearing for cranking it out while carrying everything you own (at least if you have as few possessions as I do)

Calvin and Hobbes

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The Degenerate Cyclist's Guide to Wine: Installation I- Echelon 2005 Pinot Noir--88%

Preface: Quite obviously, I am not a trained wine critic, and if you are reading this then neither are you, so don't try to act the part. I do drink a fair amount of wine and feel that I know how to pick a good bottle. I want to stress as much as possible that this is not meant to pretentious whatsoever, I'm just trying to pass along some new suggestions for the common drunk cyclist. I solemnly swear to you; dear reader, there will be absolutely no making up shit that no one can actually taste, giving you bullshit about the legs, or any of that other stuff that the majority of people who read this nonsense couldn't care less about, this about what tastes good: The Degenerate Cyclists Guide to Wine. My goal here is simply provide an honest, but self-admittedly disorganized, unprofessional, and technically invalid wine review. I hope it helps, and I would be interested to hear criticisms of either the review or the wine itself, cheers.

The "Review"
The Echelon Vineyard's 2005 Pinot Noir from Sonoma Valley is a great bottle for those with a keen, yet thrifty palette at $13;a relatively high retail for this 750ml standard bottle at a local Harris Teeter Grocery chain one may find this bottle for as little as $9 if the buyer knows where to look. A friend who works as a sales rep for a wine distributor who had a few bottles months before it could be found on shelves in this area. After saving the cork for a few months to remember the name and year, it finally became available on retail shelves.
The Good Part: Uncorking and Drinking: The Echelon fits the mold of a classic Californian Pinot Noir, the 2005 has no surprises corresponding to its specific vintage or The Sonoma Valley vineyard it hails from. This wine surpassed my expectations for a budget Pinot. Featuring a great smooth flavor, and a consistent body with other wines of its origin and vintage, a nice spicy nip to the taste, and a very pleasant soft berry aroma. The Echelon is an excellent drinking wine, After uncorking (real cork, no synthetics) Ithe bottle was left to mellow for about 20-30minutes (more out of ritual than any functional purpose involving tannins.) The traditional tasting steps were completed with a clean palette and afterwards the reviewer proceeded to finish of the bottle over the course of the evening accompanied by an herb goat cheese served atop wheat crackers that tasted great as one would expect. I could also see the Echelon being an exceptionally meal-friendly Pinot which is in general something I am not too keen on; yet the 2005 has a very gentle flavor that still maintains a flavorful complexity flavor that would suit a fine meal with subtle flavors that might be over powered by other wines. All in all, the Echelon 2005 Pinot is an excellent bottle for the money, very enjoyable and I plan to purchase it again. %88 in my book.

Vegas Baby!

"We're right in the middle of a fucking reptile zoo! And somebody's giving booze to these goddamn things!"- HST

It's upon us again: Interbike- the international bicycle trade show hosted at the Sands Convention Center right off the strip, but not an inch away from trouble. Responsible shop owners, managers, and employee's put their purity, sanity, and marriages all on the line in the name of product testing. I've generously offered my employer to take on the representative duties for my shop in Nevada, but i think they know me well enough to understand sending me to Sin City = starting the hiring process for a new sales staff member, not that i'm at all valuable, they are just lazy. And their point is really quite valid; I probably wouldn't make it back from Interbike in one piece, much less with valuable information on what the hot products to stock for the upcoming model year.

In addition to the usual bike show Interbike will be presenting the Inaugural World Criterium Championships. This is the perfect race for Vegas and Interbike, the tight track will mean no moving around to see a lot of action, high speeds, and plenty of nasty crashes that will make even the surliest of drunks cringe when a skin suit instantly evaporates along with a riders skin upon hitting the pavement at 35mph. I'm assuming this is to help shake the perception that very little bike related activity goes on during the 4 day period. Should be a wild time with thousands of drunken, sleep deprived shop guys giving the track hell!

According to a few assorted google searches meeting Bob Roll, famed racer, and voice of the Le Tour de France will be present to shake hands, sign autographs, and kiss babies. If I were anywhere near Nevada i would already be in line!!! OMFG, BOB ROLL!

Tomorrow the actual exhibition starts in the Convention Center with each company showing off their shiny new shit, some with simple folding tables and a couple frames, others have a full factory team signing autographs, show girls posed straddling triple clamp downhill forks, with flashing lights, pulsing music, etc. Sounds like a fucking seizure for folks in the mental condition i would expect be in throughout an expenses paid trip to Vegas.

On the 24th and 25th participating companies offered demos of their new lines to ride the notoriously dusty and fast trails at Bootleg Canyon, outside of the city.
As usual Intense Cycles got a lot of attention for their new Spyder Freeryde. Now if they could only learn to spell, i fail to see any "X-Treme" behind purposeful misspellings, I guess I'm just jealous because i still fail at spelling anything thats not 100% phonetic.

Stuff that's excited me the most so far in a sea of new ultra light weight scary looking carbon bikes from the likes of Trek (terrifying), Specialized, Colnago,etc
-New Chris King products- 1.5 headset and more