Fall Break

I'll try to keep up over the break, but heres a couple albums:
Cilvaringz- I(1) one of the most recent additions to the Wu-Tang; great album, a little heavy, but really good, nevertheless. What most hip-hop releases lack, Cilvaringz has it.

Punk Fucking Rock: Zegota 7" Zegota is amazing, a few guys from Greensboro (keeping with the local theme today) this only a 7" vinyl release (2 songs) A.F.S. (Anarchist Fight Song) has to make you want to tear it all down, or else you probably don't have a pulse.

Once again you will need unarchiving software (downloaded safely and easily for free) and PLEASE support these artists. Without our support, we have no scene, no music, no movement. Go down to your locally owned record store and pick something up, be a good guy/gal.
Rock On People.

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