Sorry People, I know I fell off there this past weekend; I was back home for a couple days to see some good people and have a good time. I'm told it was awesome!? Lot's of drinking got done, Got to take it easy away from serious rides and work (chuckles.)
Did you know they make clear (rather, Klear) Blunt wraps? Well just discovered them at a friends recommendation, and they are pretty nifty/disturbingly mysterious. Ask your local tobacco shop for: Kingpin Klear Blunts They seem really questionable when you first feel and see them, but they roll up quite nicely and smoke extremely clean in comparison to a normal blunt.
Now its time to get back to work, lets see how the "Blueberry-Bomb Klear Wraps" treat me on tonights group ride.
-Derisory Velo.

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