Interbike 2007: new shit.

Some stuff that caught my eye, I'll spare you most of the shit that made me want to burn all of my bikes; and believe me, there's plenty of it.

From FBM BMX in New York, one of a couple BMX companies to release a fixed gear complete or frameset this year. FBM is known in the BMX world for consistently making reliable bad-ass frames free of any annoying gimmicky fanfare; just 4130 tubing, precise welding, and a tried and true approach to frame design that gets the job done right. Note the purple profile racing track hubs.

Head badge:

Animal BMX Clothing from NYC was putting out fly threads long before any of the fixed gear boutiques. A snapshot from a their new collection:

The 29" wheel mountain bike is here to stay folks, a myriad of companies have released new 29" products for the 2008 model year.
Niner Bikes a newer company really pushing the concept of big wheels are better offers a range of 29" frames from California. Their booth at the convention center attracted a lot of press with 3 new frame designs. Niner unveiled their first titanium hardtail which looks super clean, should be available with an eccentric bottom bracket with or without a derailleur hanger.

The "WFO" a 6" rear travel frame featuring super short chainstays, an over sized 1.5" headtube, and additional cable routing for the new telescoping seat posts such as the new Maverick Speedball post.

Wave of the future from a Spot Brand SS collaboration. The introduction of "Carbon Drive" a super light belt drive system that has the potential to revolutionize the bicycle drive train, Now someone only needs to design an internally geared hub that does not require a serious financing plan.

I bet Felt will make bank on this one; it's pre-fabricated cool in a box. Just mail-order one, take it to your local bike mechanic to have them assemble it, be sure to ask if they will honor Performance Bike's policy for free build up at retail store for bikes purchased online (mechanics love this.) Slap a couple stickers on it; maybe a MASH SF one, I hear thats all you need to be considered a part of the crew. Now just get out your i-phone to take down all the numbers from your new friends!

More Later, One.
-Derisory Velo

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