Album Review- Riverboat Gamblers: To The Confusion of Our Enemies

Riverboat Gambler's full length album hit stores on August 20 after painfully long delays. The band originally formed in 1997 in Denton, Texas; "To The Confusion of Our Enemies" through Volcom Entertainment Labelis the Gambler's forth full-length release. I saw the Gamblers when they opened for Against Me! sometime during the fall of 2006, the Texans brought an aggressive, no holds barred, truly punk-fucking-rock attitude that was so refreshing to experience in a music scene rife with timidity and an infuriating helplessness. The Riverboat Gamblers hold one firm first thrown bravely to the sky, the other hand gesticulating a passionate "FUCK YOU!"
"To The Confusion of Our Enemies;" a 14 track LP, kicks down the door and bursts through with one of the best introductory tracks I have heard in awhile titled "True Crime." The album is full of passionate anthem-like tracks that will inspire, lift up, anger, and most of all make the listener want to jump, move, throw-the-fuck-down! Don't let the hard edged and upbeat tracks that I very hesitantly compare to a "Party Rock" sound that other reviews of this album have compared to an Andrew W.K.-like feeling; this is not all just mindless rocking, the Gamblers have a very defined social and political stance that comes through without weighing down the music itself.
"To The Confusion of Our Enemies" is truly a rocking album; I want to stress the fact that the ALBUM is great as a whole, no real filler tracks here. Something i feel has really lost its value since advent of napster-like downloading where listeners download single tracks at one time. Highlights of the album for me included: True Crime, Don't Bury...I'm Not Dead, Rent Is Due, The Curse of The Ivory Coast and Uh-Oh
Check These guys out 8.5 out of 10
Recent Edit: Because I like you so much (the people who take your valuable time to read this) I have provided a link to download the album as a zip. file. you will need un-archiving software (can be downloaded free) to extract the file, the album should download extremely fast with a decent connection. I will say, if you enjoy the album; please, please, please take a small amount of your time and hard earned money to go down to your locally-owned record store and purchase this album, bands like this need your support!
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Riverboat Gamblers- To The Confusion of Our Enemies

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