Calvin and Hobbes

Its October; once it starts getting dark early, It will be alley cat season! I'm pretty stoked for those drunken glorious pursuits through traffic in the frigid cold. It's really hard to explain why we ride those silly two wheeled things when we could be watching cable isnt it? ah well...
I Finished building up my Panasonic Keirin Frame today with most of the parts and some crap to fill the voids in my build untill the fly parts I spent way too much money on, are delievered to my shop. Its a fun ride; although, those Nitto handle bars whipping around and locking a new frame up to street signs really makes one consider a top tube pad. I guess I've finally sold out. Pictures of the bike should be up before too long, I know you are all on the edge of you seats in anticipation.
Out on the whip, peace.
-Derisory Velo

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