2008: Year of The Rat

However ridiculous this may seem, big up's to Kona for this one: The Ute(2008)

You may have been privileged enough to have seen this already due to a top-secret leak from Kona Bike Co.'s stoner employees in British Columbia. Kona has finally released what we all have been looking for: the answer to all of the world's environmental problems, finally an easy, practical alternative to the automobile (the only problem is you have to pedal.) The Ute comes factory direct complete with an extended wheelbase and lower gear ratio to keep you spinning on those double-wide commutes! The Ute quite obviously borrows from the Xtracycle, which revolutionized load-baring technology with their Xtracycle hitches bicycle hitchless trailer. The Xtracyle was originally developed as a self-proclaimed "Sport Utility Bike" (S.U.B.) Xtracyle; a company that gained its footing offering a retrofit rack system that bolts directly into a bikes existing dropouts to create stable load-baring rack platform, eventually growing to offer accessory add-ons to the system including but not limited to; surfboard racks, a luxurious passenger carrying system, and, even complete bikes from with frame choices from Breezer, Sun, Marin, and Electra sold factory-direct fitted with the Xtracycle sport utility racks! Xtracycle, however goofy looking their products may be has the right idea, and more power to them!
Kona's Ute complete Sport Utility Bike comes complete as a one size fits most frame with 26" wheels for $799 rear high capacity pannier rack, full fender set, disc brakes, and ultra low gearing for cranking it out while carrying everything you own (at least if you have as few possessions as I do)

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