Interbike 2007: new shit.

Some stuff that caught my eye, I'll spare you most of the shit that made me want to burn all of my bikes; and believe me, there's plenty of it.

From FBM BMX in New York, one of a couple BMX companies to release a fixed gear complete or frameset this year. FBM is known in the BMX world for consistently making reliable bad-ass frames free of any annoying gimmicky fanfare; just 4130 tubing, precise welding, and a tried and true approach to frame design that gets the job done right. Note the purple profile racing track hubs.

Head badge:

Animal BMX Clothing from NYC was putting out fly threads long before any of the fixed gear boutiques. A snapshot from a their new collection:

The 29" wheel mountain bike is here to stay folks, a myriad of companies have released new 29" products for the 2008 model year.
Niner Bikes a newer company really pushing the concept of big wheels are better offers a range of 29" frames from California. Their booth at the convention center attracted a lot of press with 3 new frame designs. Niner unveiled their first titanium hardtail which looks super clean, should be available with an eccentric bottom bracket with or without a derailleur hanger.

The "WFO" a 6" rear travel frame featuring super short chainstays, an over sized 1.5" headtube, and additional cable routing for the new telescoping seat posts such as the new Maverick Speedball post.

Wave of the future from a Spot Brand SS collaboration. The introduction of "Carbon Drive" a super light belt drive system that has the potential to revolutionize the bicycle drive train, Now someone only needs to design an internally geared hub that does not require a serious financing plan.

I bet Felt will make bank on this one; it's pre-fabricated cool in a box. Just mail-order one, take it to your local bike mechanic to have them assemble it, be sure to ask if they will honor Performance Bike's policy for free build up at retail store for bikes purchased online (mechanics love this.) Slap a couple stickers on it; maybe a MASH SF one, I hear thats all you need to be considered a part of the crew. Now just get out your i-phone to take down all the numbers from your new friends!

More Later, One.
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Mash SF: Film Intro Released

Say what you want about these guys; I know you aren't too crazy about their top tube pads, but it's kids like this who are really pushing the envelope that make me want to get out and ride, hard. Big ups to Gabe Morford and Mike Martin for great camera work and editing. The Mash SF has brought something new to the table, like no one has seen before. The initial release of their a 1minute, 29second trailer earlier this year has spawned a nation-wide movement. Respect.

they just launched a new site:
Check out the phil hubs

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Hope is fleeting:

The only question is, how did Bikesnob miss this:
No explanation here folks; this one's up to you, and you alone. Note: Toolbox Bottle, and unassuming non-aerspoke front wheel in preparation to avoid prying eyes and insure survival through pirate attacks and even having to fix one's own bike on the road in the harsh post-apocalypse wasteland.

2008: Year of The Rat

However ridiculous this may seem, big up's to Kona for this one: The Ute(2008)

You may have been privileged enough to have seen this already due to a top-secret leak from Kona Bike Co.'s stoner employees in British Columbia. Kona has finally released what we all have been looking for: the answer to all of the world's environmental problems, finally an easy, practical alternative to the automobile (the only problem is you have to pedal.) The Ute comes factory direct complete with an extended wheelbase and lower gear ratio to keep you spinning on those double-wide commutes! The Ute quite obviously borrows from the Xtracycle, which revolutionized load-baring technology with their Xtracycle hitches bicycle hitchless trailer. The Xtracyle was originally developed as a self-proclaimed "Sport Utility Bike" (S.U.B.) Xtracyle; a company that gained its footing offering a retrofit rack system that bolts directly into a bikes existing dropouts to create stable load-baring rack platform, eventually growing to offer accessory add-ons to the system including but not limited to; surfboard racks, a luxurious passenger carrying system, and, even complete bikes from with frame choices from Breezer, Sun, Marin, and Electra sold factory-direct fitted with the Xtracycle sport utility racks! Xtracycle, however goofy looking their products may be has the right idea, and more power to them!
Kona's Ute complete Sport Utility Bike comes complete as a one size fits most frame with 26" wheels for $799 rear high capacity pannier rack, full fender set, disc brakes, and ultra low gearing for cranking it out while carrying everything you own (at least if you have as few possessions as I do)

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The Degenerate Cyclist's Guide to Wine: Installation I- Echelon 2005 Pinot Noir--88%

Preface: Quite obviously, I am not a trained wine critic, and if you are reading this then neither are you, so don't try to act the part. I do drink a fair amount of wine and feel that I know how to pick a good bottle. I want to stress as much as possible that this is not meant to pretentious whatsoever, I'm just trying to pass along some new suggestions for the common drunk cyclist. I solemnly swear to you; dear reader, there will be absolutely no making up shit that no one can actually taste, giving you bullshit about the legs, or any of that other stuff that the majority of people who read this nonsense couldn't care less about, this about what tastes good: The Degenerate Cyclists Guide to Wine. My goal here is simply provide an honest, but self-admittedly disorganized, unprofessional, and technically invalid wine review. I hope it helps, and I would be interested to hear criticisms of either the review or the wine itself, cheers.

The "Review"
The Echelon Vineyard's 2005 Pinot Noir from Sonoma Valley is a great bottle for those with a keen, yet thrifty palette at $13;a relatively high retail for this 750ml standard bottle at a local Harris Teeter Grocery chain one may find this bottle for as little as $9 if the buyer knows where to look. A friend who works as a sales rep for a wine distributor who had a few bottles months before it could be found on shelves in this area. After saving the cork for a few months to remember the name and year, it finally became available on retail shelves.
The Good Part: Uncorking and Drinking: The Echelon fits the mold of a classic Californian Pinot Noir, the 2005 has no surprises corresponding to its specific vintage or The Sonoma Valley vineyard it hails from. This wine surpassed my expectations for a budget Pinot. Featuring a great smooth flavor, and a consistent body with other wines of its origin and vintage, a nice spicy nip to the taste, and a very pleasant soft berry aroma. The Echelon is an excellent drinking wine, After uncorking (real cork, no synthetics) Ithe bottle was left to mellow for about 20-30minutes (more out of ritual than any functional purpose involving tannins.) The traditional tasting steps were completed with a clean palette and afterwards the reviewer proceeded to finish of the bottle over the course of the evening accompanied by an herb goat cheese served atop wheat crackers that tasted great as one would expect. I could also see the Echelon being an exceptionally meal-friendly Pinot which is in general something I am not too keen on; yet the 2005 has a very gentle flavor that still maintains a flavorful complexity flavor that would suit a fine meal with subtle flavors that might be over powered by other wines. All in all, the Echelon 2005 Pinot is an excellent bottle for the money, very enjoyable and I plan to purchase it again. %88 in my book.

Vegas Baby!

"We're right in the middle of a fucking reptile zoo! And somebody's giving booze to these goddamn things!"- HST

It's upon us again: Interbike- the international bicycle trade show hosted at the Sands Convention Center right off the strip, but not an inch away from trouble. Responsible shop owners, managers, and employee's put their purity, sanity, and marriages all on the line in the name of product testing. I've generously offered my employer to take on the representative duties for my shop in Nevada, but i think they know me well enough to understand sending me to Sin City = starting the hiring process for a new sales staff member, not that i'm at all valuable, they are just lazy. And their point is really quite valid; I probably wouldn't make it back from Interbike in one piece, much less with valuable information on what the hot products to stock for the upcoming model year.

In addition to the usual bike show Interbike will be presenting the Inaugural World Criterium Championships. This is the perfect race for Vegas and Interbike, the tight track will mean no moving around to see a lot of action, high speeds, and plenty of nasty crashes that will make even the surliest of drunks cringe when a skin suit instantly evaporates along with a riders skin upon hitting the pavement at 35mph. I'm assuming this is to help shake the perception that very little bike related activity goes on during the 4 day period. Should be a wild time with thousands of drunken, sleep deprived shop guys giving the track hell!

According to a few assorted google searches meeting Bob Roll, famed racer, and voice of the Le Tour de France will be present to shake hands, sign autographs, and kiss babies. If I were anywhere near Nevada i would already be in line!!! OMFG, BOB ROLL!

Tomorrow the actual exhibition starts in the Convention Center with each company showing off their shiny new shit, some with simple folding tables and a couple frames, others have a full factory team signing autographs, show girls posed straddling triple clamp downhill forks, with flashing lights, pulsing music, etc. Sounds like a fucking seizure for folks in the mental condition i would expect be in throughout an expenses paid trip to Vegas.

On the 24th and 25th participating companies offered demos of their new lines to ride the notoriously dusty and fast trails at Bootleg Canyon, outside of the city.
As usual Intense Cycles got a lot of attention for their new Spyder Freeryde. Now if they could only learn to spell, i fail to see any "X-Treme" behind purposeful misspellings, I guess I'm just jealous because i still fail at spelling anything thats not 100% phonetic.

Stuff that's excited me the most so far in a sea of new ultra light weight scary looking carbon bikes from the likes of Trek (terrifying), Specialized, Colnago,etc
-New Chris King products- 1.5 headset and more


I'm not opposed to fashion as an institution, sure it crushes the confidence of countless pre-teen girls daily, but as a concept fashion is all good with me, although I don't really get too worked up over it. I must admit for the sake of honesty with potential readers that i am a sucker for sneakers of all types, generally the one's that cost too much money, unfortunately. All bullshit aside, i'll sell out and add to this self-indulgent culture that has somehow come to embrace fixed gear bikes, I'll leave this topic for bikesnobnyc (also on blogspot) to figure out. I'll drop this as the first installation of a build up: my stupid hot pink Panasonic NJS keirin frame 565mm x 565mm. These things are just ill- peep:

MKS Sylvan Track pedals NJS
MKS XL cages NJS
Campagnolo white leather straps with campy buttons= fresh.

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Bill Waterson's Genius, I think I'll try to do this daily? hmmm...

Helmet Law

I should always, always wear a helmet, I ride brakeless, the fact that I do not wear a helmet except for while mountain biking, makes me an idiot. Recently a large number of cyclists have been stopped and ticketed for helmet law violations. In greater Boone, North Carolina the law applies to all ages and disciplines of cyclists. If one rides a bike within city limits they must wear a CPS or ASTM approved helmet or be ticketed, no questions asked. Having already established that I; your fearless blogger, is an imbicile and if you happen to be reading this, It's your own damn fault, and I have no sympathy. My argument is ditch the helmet law, or at least make it applicable to ages 16 and under. If one may legally weild thier parent's Suburban like an armored assault vehicle through blind lane changes and feverous drag racing from stoplights when thier opponent is totally oblivious to any such activity, of course yelling back at the middle aged porsche driver that he is "such a pussy, bitch." Now; If said human brain is not functioning well enough to want to protect itself; then so be it, over population is a quickly approaching problem here. Why leave all of us idiots around as a drooling competitor for space and food? Natural selection, let it run its course here folks. More to come, maybe people will even read this someday; if you have already decided this is wothless, give me another chance, maybe ill get my shit together. Cheers.