October Nights: Fun in the Dark.

The weather is cooling off, scarily slow, but we'll try not to let that steal our fun. We bike-riders seem to get the urge to go out and ride at night when it gets dark early and is the coldest time of the year, go figure. I know its time for me to dust off the NiteRider lights for my mountain bike and hope they still hold a charge. Not to mention strap on the sweet miniature top tube pad that should be shipped to me shortly from Yanco Pads Its pretty silly but I would rather not tarnish the neon-pink top tube of my Panasonic Keirin frame with those steel bars while im out sprinting drunkenly down the icy streets on these mountain nights. This of course will all be in the name of Alley Cat Racing! I love alley-cats, and if that makes me a poser because I'm no paid messenger; then fuck it, call me what you will. I'm just looking forward to fun.
Alley Cats of Note:
For all you real hip kids get out to the final installment of the 5-boro Generals NYC Race series, probably the most exciting of the five races the Battle For Brooklyn, in you guessed it folks: Brick-Town, NYC. Last time I checked registration is still open although you won't beable to race for the series victory, of course. Get to NY and match yourself up against the best in the country, should be a rockin' time.

In the North Carolina corner we have Hallowheels on October 27 this should be a fun race put on by some cool guys; without fail, this one should be a devil of a time. In our fine states capital of Raleigh. Holla if you see me rollin' with my crew (You Will spot us rollin deep on the ill scraper bikes)

Finally; If you want to spend the eve of the day of the dead racing pro level roadies who take this sort of thing way too seriously and then party hard to the point of illness for the rest of the evening, then come out to beautiful Boone, NC for the (not officially related, this must be stressed) Appalachain State Halloween Alley cat. Bring a $5 entry free to race and line-up alongside drunken members of the back-to-back Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Cycling team, not mention drunker, dirtier, and slower people like myself. I'll have the messenger bag full of micro-brews, and you will be able to trace my route by the trail of destruction, fire, and mangled carcases of boat shoe clad fraternity brothers.
No flyers for this one, this shit is under the radar.
Be sure to stock up on illicit substances and firearms for said events, because after all people; If a thing is worth doing, then god dammit! It's worth doing right!

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