Repeal Day 2008

Tomorrow; December 5th this year of our great lord 2007, will mark the 73rd anniversary of the ratification of the twenty-first amendment, which ended prohibition. My proposal to you is why not make this a more recognized affair? A day to raise our glasses in remembrance of change of dated and repressive policies, to remember what we as CITIZENS are capable of and to look ahead to the future shake downs and flaring ups that this government so desperately needs. People should not fear their governments, governments should fear the people. We are constantly forgetting this, but hopefully we may immortalize that spirit of change that we need so dearly at this time.
Repeal day need not be anything but a simple day to gather with those we love and have a beer, share a bottle of wine, or buy a stranger a shot out at the bar. We have no need for fireworks, parades, or gimmicky figureheads. Just the comrades all together, lamenting a nation that has been transformed in to a plastic wasteland. We'll bring back that rogue spirit that this country was built around. Toast to hard work, sharp minds, loud music, family, slam dancing, love, graffiti, progress, solidarity, and just being alive. We are so distracted by those things that we don't have and how we will get them that we often lose sight of all the beautiful gifts we take for granted every day.
Enough Preaching. This December 5th I'll be enjoying a few of the following beverages:

The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
- A beautifully pure single malt no frills here, The Glenlivet Allows the drinker to enjoy the firm flavors that set single malts apart. Extremely well balanced and clean.

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
- A perfect execution of the winter style ale in my humble opinion. I hate to say it but very few micro-breweries are able to top Sierra Nevadas wide range of solid ales. The Celebration Ale is no exception, featuring a beautiful amber pour, intense aroma, and rich flavor, one might describe the Celebration Ale as an all around BIG ale, robust and intense, a perfect escape from all of the glitz and bullshit that seems to envelope this time of year. Raise a glass of this stuff to the craft and dedication that some Americans still uphold.

Be sure to enjoy your repeal day among friends, bust out the bar bikes, and go out for a great time with close friends. Feel the rush of cold air against your cheeks as you hoot and holler your way down the streets. Because those bastards can't do a thing about it. Be Safe, Have a damn good time.
-Signing Off