Panasonic Keirin NJS

Having recently pilfered a friends Olympus point-and-shoot while he was doing something he thought to be more important than guarding his possessions, sucker. Ran back to my place put on The Ramones for the first time in years, and got down with a vengance. Me and the Panasonic gettin' real hot and heavy for a disturbingly long photo shoot; every detail covered down to my shaking hands, harsh florescent lighting, cheap digital image-mapping, a complete lack of natural talent or trained ability, nor the self-respect to give a damn about any of this. The Death Machine: Installment Number One of One.
Late Edit: Jesus I feel like I just came down from a serious bender: the nights a blur and it appears I've whored out my bike to every bike-gallery known to man, I wonder what could have caused that strange impulse?

Pink Bikes are for Fairies
1997 Panasonic Keirin NJS Frame 565mm
Dura Ace High Flange 32h hubs laced to Mavic Open Pro's-Michelin Pro Race 2's
Nitto 100mm NJS stem- Nitto 125b Bar- Soyo Long Grips
Nitto Jaguar 27.0 Post- Selle Italia Turbo Saddle
Dura-Ace 7710 Crank, BB, and 47t Chainring, Dura-Ace Cog and Lockring, ACS BMX chain.

Pad Detail- for those nights I need to roll "full style" or in hopes the BikeSnobNYC might fuck with me, I'm waiting for you motherfucker. To my defense, those are my stitches, not some pre-fab. hipster gear, no I can look like enough of an asshole without ANY help.


Anonymous said...

Dude, just get rid of that fooking fag pink bike, GIVE IT TO ME!

don't care too care said...

you whore, but great writing, a phone # or email?