Gorgeous Ride- Pedal Mafia Gem

I was bumbling along that inter-web contraption when I discovered this pearl among a sea of surly, whored-out looking track bikes. After all, not every "hot whip" in Williamsburg has a sterling-silver head badge. An attention to detail demonstrated in this build up that is a tell tale indicator of neurosis; nevertheless, this is the first track bike I have seen in months that actually commands respect instead of flaunting itself as some sort of two wheeled prostitute.

This beauty was hidden amidst a degenerate army of hideous track bikes, a diamond in the rough, if you will. Props to whoever bank-rolled this great undertaking, and if you want my opinion: the zebra striped Deep-V isn't necessary, keep it simple stupid, gorgeous bike. I'm jealous.

Download Link:
Music- Lucero- Rogues, Rebels, and Sworn Brothers
Seeing these guys on Monday back in the home town: Chapel Hill, with Avail. Should be an interesting crowd dynamic, good times in store, thats for sure. BUY IT!

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