I'm not opposed to fashion as an institution, sure it crushes the confidence of countless pre-teen girls daily, but as a concept fashion is all good with me, although I don't really get too worked up over it. I must admit for the sake of honesty with potential readers that i am a sucker for sneakers of all types, generally the one's that cost too much money, unfortunately. All bullshit aside, i'll sell out and add to this self-indulgent culture that has somehow come to embrace fixed gear bikes, I'll leave this topic for bikesnobnyc (also on blogspot) to figure out. I'll drop this as the first installation of a build up: my stupid hot pink Panasonic NJS keirin frame 565mm x 565mm. These things are just ill- peep:

MKS Sylvan Track pedals NJS
MKS XL cages NJS
Campagnolo white leather straps with campy buttons= fresh.

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Prolly said...

rollin these on the marinoni - good setup indeed.

Still like my MKS double on the KHS.