Helmet Law

I should always, always wear a helmet, I ride brakeless, the fact that I do not wear a helmet except for while mountain biking, makes me an idiot. Recently a large number of cyclists have been stopped and ticketed for helmet law violations. In greater Boone, North Carolina the law applies to all ages and disciplines of cyclists. If one rides a bike within city limits they must wear a CPS or ASTM approved helmet or be ticketed, no questions asked. Having already established that I; your fearless blogger, is an imbicile and if you happen to be reading this, It's your own damn fault, and I have no sympathy. My argument is ditch the helmet law, or at least make it applicable to ages 16 and under. If one may legally weild thier parent's Suburban like an armored assault vehicle through blind lane changes and feverous drag racing from stoplights when thier opponent is totally oblivious to any such activity, of course yelling back at the middle aged porsche driver that he is "such a pussy, bitch." Now; If said human brain is not functioning well enough to want to protect itself; then so be it, over population is a quickly approaching problem here. Why leave all of us idiots around as a drooling competitor for space and food? Natural selection, let it run its course here folks. More to come, maybe people will even read this someday; if you have already decided this is wothless, give me another chance, maybe ill get my shit together. Cheers.

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