Rock The 40oz

To the kids:
i must apologize for my absence. A Lot of changes are being made, and hatin' on the internet regrettably lost some points on my list of priorities. My plan is to get the page back up and running in a more focused direction. What that "new direction" is has yet to be determined. But for now i can at least say the page will serve less as a source of information (not that it ever was a credible one, by any means) leave that to those who do it best, and have the means to properly cover the industry news. For now, I'll stick to what i know; riding bikes, dropping out, dancing hard, laughing long, losing big, sickness and scars, and east coast destruction.
To Summarize-
Life is real estate,
-To the ones I hate
Cops say you must refrain,
From squattin', drinkin', and hoppin' trains.

Drink, but don't drink this-
It aint beer, it's piss.
Rock the 40oz!
It's the change that counts.
When we get there on the train,
We'll get some booze and start again.

Leftover Crack- Rock the 40oz.
Fuck World Trade

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